The Value of Maintenance

For many people, their home is the single most expensive purchase they will ever make in their lives. Once that purchase is made, a great deal of time, effort and money will go into home maintenance over the years, from painting rooms and replacing carpeting to general repairs and more elaborate renovations. Few homeowners realize, however, that the care and maintenance of their lawn and landscaping is equally valuable for the upkeep of their home and its tremendous investment.

Why Landscaping Matters

Landscaping is one of the first things you notice about a new home even before you consider purchasing it, and after you move in, your landscaping will greet and welcome your family members, friends and guests. Yet landscaping is far more than just a pretty picture that frames your home, it also performs a number of practical, essential tasks that add to the value of your home and property, including…

  • Providing shade to promote energy efficiency with heating and cooling
  • Providing a windbreak to lessen severe weather
  • Creating privacy barriers to shield windows or outdoor living spaces
  • Enhancing security by creating natural barriers to unwanted entry
  • Managing pests and overall property pest control
  • Welcoming native wildlife for plant pollination or pest control
  • Contributing to food production with gardens, berry bushes or fruit trees

With so much value that your landscape can add to your home, proper maintenance is essential not only to keep it looking its best, but also to ensure that it fulfills all these functions admirably.

If You Don’t Maintain Your Landscape

While a well-maintained landscape can be a great asset to your home, a poorly maintained landscape can be equally damaging to your property’s value. If your landscaping isn’t well cared for, many difficult problems can arise, far beyond a loss of curb appeal or aesthetic appearance. Problems that can be caused by unkempt or improperly planned landscaping include…

  • Damage to septic tanks, irrigation systems and other underground pipes
  • Falling branches disconnecting power lines or other wires
  • Damage to the roof, gutters or awnings
  • Contamination of a pool, hot tub, backyard pond or other water feature
  • Staining a deck, patio or walkway with fallen debris
  • Cracking concrete from root growth
  • Invitations for insects to invade the home’s perimeter
  • Spread of diseases among landscaping plants

When problems become severe, not only can there be tremendous costs for repairs, but homeowners may also be subject to fines, fees or other penalties from homeowner associations or municipal guidelines. These costs can be far higher and more troublesome than the price of proper maintenance and landscaping upkeep.

Landscaping Maintenance to Consider

There are many different types of lawn and landscaping maintenance to consider, all of which can add value to your property and prevent unsightly and potentially expensive problems. Different options include…

  • Regular lawn care, from weekly mows and trims to seasonal dethatching, fertilization, weed control and repair for brown patches or thin areas
  • Pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs to maintain proper shapes and foster healthy, lush growth for the plants to reach their full potential
  • Tree and stump removal and turf reshaping to renew areas where plants need to be removed due to age, size or health
  • Seasonal cleanup of flowerbeds or naturalized areas, including raking, brush cleanout, selective pruning and mulch renewal
  • Flowerbed nourishment with soil amendments, fertilization and similar treatments to encourage better blooming and more floral color
  • Irrigation plans, from full planning and installation of a new sprinkler system to necessary maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Pest and weed control for lawns, flowerbeds, borders and other areas using appropriate techniques to control or eliminate unwanted guests

Whether a one-time service is necessary to correct a simple problem or ongoing services are desired to keep your landscaping looking its very best throughout the year, proper landscaping maintenance adds tremendous value to your home and is a smart investment for your property.