Freshen Up Your Patio

Is your patio dingy or dated? Does it need repairs? Does it no longer meet your outdoor needs or reflect your changing preferences and evolving style? No matter what the issue, it is easy to freshen up your patio and give it a new, amazing look you’ll love.

What Do You Want From Your Patio?

Your outdoor lifestyle will change as new friends and neighbors come and go, your family grows, and your hobbies shift to new interests. Perhaps you’ve discovered the great taste of grilling and want to expand your outdoor cookery options, or your new passion for container gardens requires more space for growing herbs, vegetables, berries and flowers. The play area and toy box that was perfect for toddlers hasn’t been used in years, but your teens would love a place to hang out with their friends. Perhaps your aging skin doesn’t appreciate as much time in the sun, and you need a shadier space to enjoy without giving up your outdoor entertaining. Before you make any changes to your patio, it is important to really determine your needs, keeping in mind how your outdoor living may continue to change so you can make adjustments that you’ll enjoy for many years.

Assess What Your Patio Offers

When you’re ready to change up your patio, first take a good look at what the space already offers. How large is the existing patio, and does it need to be larger or smaller? Is it oriented toward the best views of your yard or do you need more privacy? What condition is it in? If any repairs are needed, now is the time to do basic maintenance to repair settling, reseal the concrete, stone or pavers, and replace any cracked stones or broken railings to be sure the space is safe and usable.

Giving Your Patio a Fresh Face

There are many ways to give your patio a fantastic makeover, no matter what your budget or timeline may be.

  • Cleaning – It is amazing how much difference a thorough cleaning can make to your patio. Powerwash the area, using appropriate treatments to remove mold or rust stains. Resand joints between pavers, and repaint or stain any railings or wood accents. If you already love your patio space, a good cleaning may be all the refreshing you need.
  • Pruning Plants – Overgrown plants near your patio can encroach on the outdoor living space. Shape plants attractively, and consider removing or replacing any damaged or unsalvageable plants. Add new mulch around the patio for a fresh look and to discourage weeds that detract from the area.
  • Get Edgy – Update the edging around your patio to better define its space. You might slightly expand the patio by adding a wide paver edging, or you could deepen the beds surrounding the patio to give it a cozier, more private feel. Different edging, such as bricks, slate or log-like options, can completely change your patio’s appearance.
  • Light It Up – Without proper lighting, you won’t enjoy your patio after dark. Consider fun string lights or an outdoor chandelier for amazing flair, or use solar lights or rope lights to define the edges of your patio. Clean the covers of existing lights so they look new, and update bulbs for better energy efficiency and light levels.
  • Contain Your Enthusiasm – Adding containers is a great way to instantly update your patio with natural elements. Large containers of tall grasses or shrubs can create privacy, or opt for fun edibles, dramatic flowers or even a whimsical fairy garden in a patio container. Don’t forget a small container to accent a patio table.
  • Have a Seat – New seating can give your patio a whole new vibe. You might consider deep, cushioned seating, lounge chairs, storage benches, intimate bistro chairs or even cozy hammocks. If you already like your seating, changing covers, cushions or accent pillows can give it a fresh look.
  • Fire and Water – Add elemental life to your patio by incorporating fire or water into the space. Heat it up with a portable fire pit, chimenea, fire table or even fun torches or lanterns. For watery options, consider a container water garden or miniature pond, tabletop fountain or a weeping wall for relaxing splashes that will refresh your space.
  • Shade for Sure – Providing shade over your patio will make your outdoor living space more comfortable in all weathers by reducing glare, blocking harmful UV rays and controlling the temperature. Options include patio umbrellas, awnings, pergolas or screens that can help top off your patio perfectly.
  • Fun With Flooring – Your patio doesn’t have to have the same old concrete slab. You can resurface the concrete, top it with pavers, cover it with wood tiles, paint a pattern or even add an outdoor rug to cover cracks or stains. Consider adding your initials or children’s handprints for fun personalization you’ll smile at for years.
  • Create an Entrance – Make your patio more welcoming by freshening up its entrance. Painting the doorway or adjacent windowsills or shutters can change the patio’s look. Adding an archway or putting fun and colorful containers on stairs or paths leading to your patio can visually define and expand the space.
  • Add an Accent – Let your patio reflect your personal flair with fun accents. You could opt for a practical touch, such as an outdoor clock, thermometer, barometer or a functional chalkboard wall. A sculpture, outdoor outwork, gazing ball, bird feeder, toad house or other fun accent can give life and whimsy to your patio.
  • Pest Control – No matter how you freshen up your patio, you won’t enjoy it if pests take over. Consider insect traps as needed, or use citronella or other essential oil candles or torches to help minimize gnats and mosquitoes. Be sure there is no space for snakes, mice or other pests, and you won’t have to share your updated patio with unwelcome guests.

Want help giving your patio new life? Our outdoor living experts can help you find great ways to freshen up your patio space so you’ll spend more time outdoors enjoying it!