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We carry Britton Topsoil, Frey Premium Topsoil, Planting Mix, Leaf Compost and Mushroom Compost

COAST OF MAINE COMPOST & PEAT ~ Penobscot blend, 1 cu ft, compost & peat complete planting mix, extra rich compost based, all purpose soil conditioner, ideal for bedding annuals & planting roses, perennials, trees & shrubs, made with composted Atlantic salmon, wild blueberry litter, mussel shells & sphagnum peat, ph adjusted, approved for organic gardeners.

COAST OF MAINE COBSCOOK GARDEN SOIL ~ All-purpose in-ground garden soil, great for growing Vegetables! Also great for conditioning sandy soil, aerating compacted and clay soils. Made with a blend of salmon and blueberry compost, aged bark, sphagnum peat moss and horticultural limestone. It requires less frequent watering and works well with acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, holly, pieris and blueberry bushes.

COAST OF MAINE BAR HARBOR POTTING SOIL ~ House plants, hanging baskets, window boxes, container gardens – Also terrific for growing vegetables! This Organic Potting Soil is a lightweight soil mixture made with salmon, blueberry, lobster and other composts, as well as calcium and chitin-rich lobster shells, sphagnum peat, perlite and kelp meal. It is dark brown in color and provides the perfect balance between water retention and drainage needed for healthy plants.

COAST OF MAINE CASTINE BLENDED RAISED BED MIX ~ Raised bed gardens, planter boxes and large container gardens. Grows amazing vegetables! This blend is a rich and diverse soil for growing big and healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers. It is made with a mixture of manure compost, worm castings, lobster and kelp meals, mycorrhizae, greensand and biochar. It is ready to use straight out of the bag with no need for additional components or tilling.

These professional formulations are organic, quality products that we highly recommend

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